Beyond "Up" is a mini-game inspired by Plato's Allegory of Cave in which people's vision and understanding is limited by its own environment. We cannot see beyond what we already know. I build this project on top of my mid-term project here

In the beginning of my game, there is an earthquake. The only way the player can escape from this disaster is by hitting the space key to add balloons on top of the roof so that the house can fly into the sky. When the balloon reaches a certain amount, the house lifted up but only to face a harder truth - broken part of the house including roofs, windows, doors, stairs falling down to attack the player's house. Upon closer look, the player will find that those broken parts are from the same house that the player is controlling.

I was planning to add some effect to the collision in the sky but run out of time to do so.

I build the model of the house in MAYA based on the house in the movie "UP". The process of building the structure of the game was the hardiest part. The game is divided into different "states" depending on the Y value of the house (the distance between the house and the floor). The GameManager script is what controls the rest of the interactions. For example, when the house is on the ground, the player can only "add balloons". When the house is in the sky, the "add balloon action" is disabled and the "move left and right" action is activated. I used instantiate functions for the objects falling from the sky and the balloons on the roof. To make the game more "juicy", I used the animator in Unity to add animation for the balloons so that they shake back and forth. Lastly, I added different background music to represent three distinct states in this mini-game.

Made withUnity